Pickleball made its debut at Fremont Hills when a small group began to play on Court 3 using "Blue tape" for court lines and a temporary net. The word spread quickly and more and more members joined in.  To accommodate the growing group of players,  Pickleball was moved to Court 10 where permanent lines were painted on the court along with the existing tennis lines to facilitate 4 Pickleball courts. Temporary nets are still in use. The FHCC Pickleball community has now grown to over 50 members.

Drop-in Pickleball sessions are held on Wednesday, Friday & Sunday afternoon from 3:00pm to 5:00pm. Several members are now also playing on other days as their schedule allows. Special events with other clubs are being planned.

All members are invited to join in. There is no cost to play.  Extra paddles are available for those that want to give it a try.  More advanced members are always happy to explain the game and introduce you to the sport. One of the advantages of Pickleball is that an advanced player can partner with or play against a beginner and everyone still has fun
. Court 10 is available for Pickleball play 7 days a week on a first come basis.

Pickleball is fun, challenging, and very Social. All of us have made a number of new friends here at the club due
to Pickleball.  Did we mention, "It's Fun!!"


Looking forward to seeing you on the courts.