Charlie Joseph

Building & Grounds Manager

photo of  Charlie Joseph

Phone: (650) 941-9667
Email: [email protected]

Growing up in the Fiji Islands, Charlie came to the Bay Area when he was 20 years old. For years he had an auto electrical repair shop in San Francisco before moving into maintenance work at the University Club for four years. Since then, for 16 years hes been in charge of the buildings, grounds, maintenance, landscaping, electrical, repairs, improvements, and all the tools needed for those things at Fremont Hills. In that time, hes left his mark everywhere around the property. He completely overhauled the swimming pool from the inside out, added lighting in the parking lot, built decks around the tennis and pickleball courts, took control of the landscaping and built a beautiful crew of people to help manage the property. Hes passionate about bringing all projects, whether structural improvements or spring planting, to perfectly match his vision. He speaks English and Fiji Hindi, has traveled all over the world in all hemispheres, and with his wife has raised two children to add to his own large family of 10 siblings and their own families. In his spare time he loves to golf and tries to get back to the Fiji Islands at least every other year.