Dino Montufar

Lead Bartender

photo of  Dino Montufar

Phone: (650) 989-6990

Our bartender, unofficial maître d’, and confessor to every member at Fremont Hills, Dino has been at the Club since 2010. Originally from Managua, the capital city of Nicaragua, Dino came to Louisiana as a 16 year old, and completed high school in Lafayette. He studied Fashion Merchandising at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, he worked ten years in New Orleans as a fashion consultant, serving a high-end clientele, including Emeril Lagasse. After being inspired to take some time off and rediscover himself, he spent several months touring the United States, and found himself in the Bay Area to visit family members, when he met the mother of his eventual children. He found work for a short time at LuLu Restaurant on Folsom in SoMa which hosted such names as Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder. While there, he discovered a passion for creative arts, and took a course in Marin where he grew a network of artists and became assistant to a successful decorative artist. Soon thereafter he opened his own business and moved his young family into a warehouse in Oakland with loft apartments above his studio. Over a decade later, with his three children grown and wanting to start another chapter in his life, he heard that Fremont Hills was in need of a bartender and took the job for a little while, but fell in love with the place, the members, the environment, everything. And he still paints.