Enio Garcia

Sous Chef

photo of  Enio Garcia

Phone: (650) 989-6988

At Fremont Hills since 1998, Enio was here to launch dining at Fremont Hills with then Executive Chef Patrick Clark. Before that, the kitchen was only set up for catering private events, and with his cousin Heriberto, it was restructured for member dining six days a week. Coming from Michoacán State in Mexico, and living in the Bay Area since 1995, he, like his cousin, started as a dishwasher at an Italian restaurant in San Jose. He learned to cook watching the different chefs he’s worked with over the years, and with this expertise was instrumental in the hiring of Chef Steve Chan to take over the kitchen after eight years without an Executive Chef. Taking pride in every step of preparing meals for members or guests, and famous for his steaks, he’s passionate about food, and after over 20 years is incredibly loyal to Fremont Hills and his team. With three teenagers at home, including one daughter who works summers at the Barracuda Grill by the pool, Enio has spent more than half his life at Fremont Hills, and loves this place and the work he does.