COVID-19 Safety precautions

Camp Fremont staff are fully vaccinated.

Hand sanitizing stations are available.

Do the campers do each activity every day?

Yes, except for Yoga which is on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays and Horseback Riding which is on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

How much time do the campers spend on each activity?

  • Tennis: 45 minutes
  • Stables: 50-60 minutes (Approx. one third of time is allocated to riding.  Remaining time allocated to Equestrian related activities;  barn tours, horse grooming, etc.)
  • Yoga: 45-50 minutes
  • Swimming: 60 minutes (Approx. 20 minutes of group lessons.  Remaining time allocated to rec swim; including usage of an awesome diving board. *PLEASE BE ADVISED - Swim test required for diving board.)
  • The rest of the day is divided among art & crafts, field games and theme-related activities.

Are lunch and snacks included?

Yes! Lunch is prepared daily at Fremont Hills’ own Barracuda Grill and packed in to-go containers, and morning and afternoon snacks are provided.

What is the menu for the week?

The weekly menu is currently available online - access this information by clicking on the "Schedule/Menu tab" located to the left. *Any changes to the menu will be emailed prior to your session(s).  Campers also refuel with a morning and afternoon snack - the perfect way to cap off a busy day! 

Are there nut-free options to accommodate my child's allergies?

Most of our lunch and snack options are nut-free, and if we serve an item that has nuts, we can offer your child another meal or snack. However, if your child's allergies are severe or accommodations need to be made every day, we kindly ask that you pack a lunch or extra snacks for him.

What should my child bring to camp each day?

For Tennis: non-marking tennis shoes and shorts. If they have a junior racquet, they should bring that with them too! The tennis department does have a limited number of rackets that can be borrowed for the day.

For Stables: shoes or boots with a hard heel, long pants or jeans. These items are required each day to participate in horseback riding. We provide helmets, but feel free to bring your own.

For Yoga: activewear. We provide yoga mats, but feel free to bring your own.

For Swimming: bathing suit, towel, goggles (optional). 

Due to the amount of time spent outside at camp, we HIGHLY suggest sending your camper with sunscreen every day!

Do the campers apply sunscreen during the day?

The counselors and campers apply sunscreen twice during the day, once during the morning, and once more just before the swimming hour.  While sunscreen is provided by camp, if your camper requires a specific brand/or alternative option - please send with camper.

How are the campers grouped?

Each group of 8-10 campers is grouped based on age or parental preference. For example, most 5 year olds will be grouped together unless a parent requests that a 5-year-old be grouped with a 7-year-old sibling.

What's the ratio of campers to counselors?

The ratio hovers around 1 counselor per 5-7 campers, not including the Camp instructors at each department. 

Who are the counselors?

Counselors are all eighteen (18) years of age or older, most of our counselors are college students, and many have worked at Camp Fremont for years.  They are all background and reference checked, and First Aid/ CPR/ AED certified. 

Do Camp Fremont counselors teach the sports activities?

Camp Fremont counselors lead the groups in arts & crafts and field play. While the counselors are with their campers at EVERY activity, the sports components of Camp Fremont (tennis, horseback riding, yoga, and swimming) are led by additional instructors chosen by their respective department.

What does the swimming test involve?

Every child takes a swimming test administered by Fremont Hills Lifeguards and supervised by their camp counselors. Each camper has to swim 50 meters (half the length of the pool) without touching the sides or bottom of the pool. If a camper cannot pass the test, their recreational part of the swimming hour will be in the shallow end of the pool (where the majority of campers play). They will, however, participate in the lesson component of swimming with a swim instructors and with their camp group. Campers have the opportunity to re-take the swimming test at any point during the week if they choose.

Is the pool heated?

Yes, it is heated to 82 degrees year-round.

What is included in the stables tour?

Walking through the barn and viewing stalls and equipment, feeding horses, brushing horses, watching the horses get shoes put on, and learning the parts of the horse. When the campers are not riding in small groups, they also do stables-related activities and crafts led by the Equestrian counselors.