Elaine Sanchez

Food & Beverage Assistant

photo of  Elaine Sanchez

Phone: (650) 948-5304
Email: [email protected]

Since starting as an intern during the summer of 2022, Elaine has already moved up at Fremont Hills, and is now a full-time assistant to Food & Beverage Manager Chris Edmonds. Local to Mountain View, Elaine got her first taste of hospitality as high school intern with Bon Appetit at Google. This experience is what led her to realize that she wanted to study hospitality. Currently a student at San Jose State’s Business school majoring in Hospitality, Tourism, and Event Management, while working here, she’s realized that her favorite thing to do, in addition to her other responsibilities managing billing and orders, designing menus, and assisting in the dining room, is running large member events. She finds the high-intensity pace of work extremely rewarding when, at the end, everyone is happy and having a wonderful time. Elaine enjoys working with people and helping them plan their perfect events, and she looks forward to seeing how far she can reach in her career after graduating in the Spring of 2023, at which point, she hopes, she can begin to focus on travel. Her first major trip she’d like to be to Korea, to see for herself just how well one can eat at a convenience store. Bilingual in English and Spanish, energetic and ambitious, Elaine has brought an enormous amount of talent to Fremont Hills, and is guaranteed to go far in life.