Laura Gerst

Equestrian Manager

photo of  Laura Gerst

Phone: (650) 380-2431
Email: [email protected]

California native Laura came to Fremont Hills in 2016 and as Windy Hill Equestrians, a full-time A-Circuit training barn, has been managing the stables, the horses, and the barn cats since 2000. At the beginning of her career, she worked for Linda Hough, Carleton Brooks, and her father, Larry Mayfield. With 50 horses on the property, including those privately owned and boarded, and the lesson horses which are owned by Windy Hill, Laura has been working since high school and started her own business at 23. With Laura and her partner, Dakoda Mower, both competing at the 1.50 level, Windy Hill has produced many top riders from the beginning levels through Grand Prix, and every year they have riders competing in various medal finals and team competitions. With lots of dogs and two adult children, including her daughter, who also works at Windy Hill, she’s proud of the big family she’s created at the barn: her three assistants, five grooms, two barn managers, three stall cleaners, and the other Laura, Laura Morishige, who heads up the lessons and camp programming and has worked at the Club since 2007. Windy Hill is a beautiful spot and Laura loves being such an integral part of Fremont Hills.